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Rubbermaid is the leading brand in North America – among both consumers and retailers – for solutions that help keep homes organized and clean.

We have a history of successfully bringing innovative solutions to market. Over 95% of consumers have at least one Rubbermaid product in their homes today and our solutions can be found on shelf at nearly every mass merchandiser, grocery store and home improvement center, as well as a wide assortment of dollar stores, drug stores, clubs and online retailers.

If you want to experience the excitement of seeing your idea come to life at retail, Rubbermaid is the partner for you.

Success Stories

Sip N Saver
Often times, children can be the greatest inspiration for innovation and parents can be the greatest problem solvers.
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Sip N Saver

Tom, a first time father, noticed that his son had difficulty drinking out of his child spill proof cups while riding in the car due to the design of the car seat not allowing him to tilt his head back.

Tom set out to find a better way for his son to drink in the car or at any other time. His solution was a new lid design which featured a flip up straw with a built in vent. The patented vent sealed off the liquid each time you flipped the straw down which kept the cup from leaking.

Tom, a prototype engineer, got a prototype made of his patented invention. A friend within Rubbermaid saw the prototype and, a partnership was born. Tom’s patent became the Sip N Saver, a product that continues to be sold by Rubbermaid years later in various iterations. Tom’s invention to solve his son’s frustration later led to paying for both of his children’s college education and Tom continues to help Rubbermaid innovate today.